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Renaissance, by Cristoph AT, is the story of Anessa’s reincarnation in the world of Anfang. She was killed on Earth, only to find herself as a baby in Anfang and unsure of what’s going on. Through Anessa’s eyes, we learn about the world, the people, and the gods of Anfang.

in reading Renaissance, I was introduced to a new world, new people and new gods. I felt like they were complete characters, even the minor ones we didn’t see much of. Christoph AT did a great job showing us the world of Anfang through the eyes of someone who has never been in this world. It was weird starting with a character that was just born and can talk. But Anessa’s parents’ reaction works well for what’s going on.

This feels like an epic fantasy novel with a deep backstory that begs to be explored, but the novel is short and leaves readers wanting more. I was invested in the characters and the stories from the beginning and then just when we got to some juicy stuff, the story ends. The first person perspective worked well for this dramatic story, although there were parts where we were in someone else’s head, there were moments where I found myself wishing I knew what other characters were thinking and feeling.

Renaissance tells a compelling story with intriguing characters in a well-conceived fantasy world. I can tell that the author put a lot of thought into the world and readers who enjoy fantasy worlds that feel vivid and intricate will enjoy this novel. I enjoyed the story and am desperate to read the second book because this one left me wanting more.

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