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Interview with the author of Lisa Towles

salt island follows private detective Marissa Ellwyn as she sets out to find her missing father and solve a cryptic mystery. What is her writing process like and what is the biggest obstacle she often faces in completing her books?

My biggest hurdle continues to be finding time every day to write. It seems I can easily carve out time for marketing and promotion, but the energy to “create” comes from a different place and therefore has different requirements.

What were some of the questions you wanted Marissa Ellwyn to answer in this book?

I wanted her to really acknowledge her vulnerability instead of pretending to be superwoman all the time. I think she (Mari) did a good job of revealing her emotional and psychological need to not only find her father, but to be reunited with him in this book, and that relationship is still evolving. Book 3 (the last in the series) will likely be out in the summer of 2024.

What has been the most surprising response you have received from fans of your books?

It always amazes me how many readers buy the hardcover versions of my books, and I’m also surprised that readers like to read longer books. My novels are usually shorter, less than 80,000 words, and that’s not by choice, they just come out that way.

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“Lisa Towles’ E&A series of investigations are always winners when it comes to selecting mysteries. Readers will find the fast pace and snappy dialogue in Salt Island refreshing. Above all else, Marissa Ellwyn is a character who leaps from the pages into the hearts of readers. Her fervent search for the truth will grip readers and make them instant fans of Towles’ work.” – Literary Titan

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