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November 25, 2022

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November 25, 2022


Scream meets The Shining in this gripping horror story about an aging actor hunted by the slasher villain he played.
Decades after playing the titular assassin in the ’80s horror franchise Night of the Reaper, Howard Browning has been reduced to signing autographs for his dwindling fanbase at genre conventions. When the studio announces the reboot of the series, the aging actor is overwhelmed to learn that he will be replaced in the iconic role by heartthrob Trevor Mane, a former sitcom child star fresh out of rehab. Trevor is determined to stay sober and renew his image, while Howard refuses to abandon the character he created, setting the stage for an intergenerational clash over the soul of a monster. But as Howard fights to reclaim his legacy, the sinister alter ego consumes his decaying mind, pushing him to the brink of violence. Is the method actor succumbing to madness or has the evil Reaper taken on a life of his own?
In his crisp debut novel, television and film writer Brian McAuley fuses wicked suspense with dark humor and heart. Curse of the Reaper is a tightly plotted thriller that walks a tightrope between the psychological and the supernatural, as characters struggling with addiction and identity bring to light the harrowing cost of Hollywood fame.

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