Point of no return – poetnilavronill

Waiting for someone
Every day, is not 
Essentially painful
If love remains as the
‘Point of no return’

On the pay channel,
I was watching her
Reciting from her book
Published recently
With much funfair 

I lived well, yet life was
Not so meaningful
In absence of her presence
Devoid of her love, with
Ruptured communications 

The audience was charmed
With her presence, as elegant
As ever, she started her show
With new poems, I never read
She didn’t allow me since long

We had sometimes difference of
Opinions, on her writings…
She used to mail me often
My inbox was full of her poems
Yet she abhorred criticism

The audience grew jubilant
With her voice, always eloquent
Soft but steady with a personality
Independent, uncompromised
That I loved most ‘heart and soul’

She didn’t admit any flaws
In her writings, ever. As 
Nobody else than me, tried
To help her out, it is only love
Compels us to go beyond…

I knew she had forgotten
Everything, my objections
My appreciations, she was 
too confident on her diction
Applauded by her audience… 

Waiting for her, didn’t 
Make any sense although
Yet, it was essential for me
I knew it well, she had it all
In her, to be a great poet…

I lived well, but life was awful
Witnessing her remaining as
Another celebrity, only the
Literature suffered a loss
Yet she was too confident…

23rd October 2022

NilavroNill Shoovr

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