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Eleven-year-old Aime Snave and her eight-year-old little brother, Oro, prepare for a summer camp at the Fruit Learning School. Accompanied by Aime’s best friend, Gramon, and Oro’s shy friend, little Violer, the quartet enters a mysterious world full of mystery and hidden magic. While at the school run by the strict headmistress, Mrs. Blackfruit, the children meet a new friend: the inquisitive Semia, who is sure that all is not what it seems. Navigating the school’s numerous teachers, all of whom seem to harbor deep secrets, the five soon discover that they are part of something much bigger than they could ever have imagined. History soon begins to repeat itself, with five young children caught in its deadly wake.

Pentagon Pirate Gang: Secrets of the Orchard by JW Nelson is an engaging read that centers on a tight-knit group of five friends (the Pentagon) as they struggle to uncover the truth about the Hogwarts-style school and its mysterious past. The story is well written, with substantial world building and deep characters. There are no easy answers for brave Aime, her insightful brother Ella Oro, athletic Gramon, fearless Semia, or sweet little Violer, who find themselves in the middle of a mystery with far-reaching consequences. Instead, the Pentagon Pirates must work together to uncover the truth in a world where uncertainty reigns.

There are so many good things to say about this book. Even the supporting characters and villains have depth, especially the evil Mrs. Blackfruit and her lover, Mr. Thornby. However, there are so many characters that it can sometimes be difficult to keep them all in order. A little slow at first, the book really finds its groove as the school sporting events begin, and the pace gets more intense as the plot thickens. A quick editorial review to remove some typos and naming inconsistencies would make this highly intelligent plot shine even brighter. The complex mystery ends on a serious cliffhanger, leaving the reader dying to know what happens next with the Pentagon Pirates.

A rich world with a myriad of mysteries within our grasp, Pentagon Pirate Gang: The Secret of the Orchard is suitable for readers ages 12 and up who love a complex setting. The book contains minor language, and children regularly find themselves in danger. A deep setting with memorable characters, an engaging plot, and unsolved mysteries that challenge the reader to think outside the box, this intrepid tale of friendship and unraveling dark secrets is an incredible start to the adventures of the Pentagon pirate gang.

Pages: 272 | SALT : B09M4FPG9L

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