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pearls on a chain by Jane Merling is a story set in Canada in the 1980s. Sarah Langner comes from a loving family and is an established businesswoman. Despite her good fortune, her faith is shaken when she marries a man she realizes doesn’t love her. When Sarah discovers a mysterious box belonging to her late grandmother, she uncovers long-held secrets about her family’s history.

This mysterious romance unfolds quickly, with some unique plot twists, in a memoir writing style. I enjoyed how the story was layered, with new characters and situations that expanded on the unknown secrets and hidden past of Sarah’s family. As she discovers the details of her findings, she becomes very involved in the investigation and discovers more about her family’s history. Her discoveries led to a fuller life and a renewed faith in romance.

This novel is a rewarding story, with rich characters and plot development, bringing surprising stories from the past into the present, with exciting but sometimes unexpected results. It’s an excellent read for fans of the mystery genre and those who enjoy romance. I found the story easy to follow and enjoyable to read, with some unexpected plot twists and surprises. Also, I found the author’s writing style personable and personable, which kept me interested from one chapter to the next.

pearls on a chain by Jane Merling is a gripping romantic mystery novel. It’s an engaging and relatable story about finding hidden familiar truths and discovering a new side to life and fulfillment. I look forward to reading more similar works and stories. I felt connected to Sarah and her journey, and I highly recommend this book!

Pages: 264 | ISBN: 9781778088773

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