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In Pay the price, Steven N Adjei shares snippets from his life, looking at entrepreneurship and how to be successful. The author has a different way of telling stories, sharing experiences, and giving lifelong lessons, all the while making them informative and engaging. The author has written a pragmatic guide for business students and entrepreneurial enthusiasts. The author shares his ups and downs and provides insightful analysis when it comes to entrepreneurship. Pay the price it is easy to read as the author uses an easy-to-follow style and organizes the topics so that one flows into the next. Each chapter contains practical advice that I have yet to find in other business books. I admire the simplicity with which the author conveys the information. This makes all the information in the book easily understandable for laymen, not just seasoned entrepreneurs.

Pay the price it is divided into five main parts, the introduction, the honeymoon period, the formative period, the legacy period, and the finale. Everything you need to know about business is found in the chapters on the honeymoon period, the formation period, and the legacy period. The author leaves no stones unturned when it comes to business matters. The discussions are illuminating but never feel didactic. Periodic questions after every few pages were a great way to engage with the reader.

For me, there are three elements that make Pay the price amazing book that it is. The prose that makes up the bulk of the book, the shared poems in every few chapters, and quotes from global icons. There is immense wisdom between the three elements for an entrepreneur to last a lifetime. In The Honeymoon Period, Steven N Adjei discusses purpose, personhood, and passion in a business. Each topic is discussed in depth, and the author gives sensible examples for each. The formative period also has gems about pain in business, different types of partners, and rewards in entrepreneurship. The legacy part of the book was my favorite as the text felt philosophical and objective.

Pay the price This is one of the best entrepreneurship books I’ve read this year. The language used is simple and easy to follow. Pay the price is for readers who want to be employers or own their own business. The author gives advice on ethical entrepreneurship, being a steward, global markets, being competent, and staying committed to your cause. Steven N Adjei will give him the push he needs to follow his dreams and provide him with the information he needs to make his entrepreneurial journey successful.

Pages: 290 | ASIN: B0BB5PVNW4

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