Pantheon is the first of a two-part novel by Joshua Landeros. It takes place in the world of Avah, which has known peace for a generation after the devastating Hollow Wars. However, when a chieftain from the Midland Plains on the continent of Sebel tracks down the bandits who raided his village’s crops, he finds evidence of a conspiracy and a heretical cult that is plotting to overthrow the peaceful world order. The story is told through the eyes of Athalia, the chieftain’s daughter, as she travels through Sebel and through Yaphet Orinse, an orphan raised by the venerable Asum of Giganato Shrine, who has had disturbing visions of war.

Among of the pantheon The highlight is the impressive Landeros world building. It gives us enough information about Avah and Sebel to make it feel like a real place without overwhelming the reader with an avalanche of unnecessary history and geography. It’s especially good at letting the reader know that there’s more to the world than meets the eye; for example, Yaphet is close to the Asum of Giganato but is not a member of the inner circle of the sanctuary that runs the Asum, which means that he and the reader have an almost inside view of this part of the story, but not quite.

The plot progresses at a moderate pace. Much of the novel is spent accompanying Athalia on her travels and Yaphet on her training. These chapters make the reader get involved in the lives of these characters. Still, Landeros regularly gives us a glimpse of the larger story, so no chapter is wasted space and the reader always feels like they’re making progress. Landeros’s prose is useful; there are no Shakespearean turns of phrase, but he’s never awkward or unclear, and he excels at depicting the action. However, readers should note that the novel ends on a cliffhanger, so those who wish to read the full story should continue with the second novel.

Pantheon is a captivating dark fantasy novel that immerses the reader in a new world without feeling overwhelmed. The thrilling adventure that the two protagonists undertake will give readers a sense of horror as they encounter strange and dangerous beasts, and there is at times a sense that the most significant danger is brewing beneath the surface as the delicate balance is disrupted. peace.

Pages: 268 | ASIN: B088SY6PF4

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