Pain: the beacon of love is a collection of 12 notes that provide information on coping with the loss of a loved one. The text draws heavily on personal experiences, but strives to be universal. The author, Carolyn Begley Daley, mentions that medical solutions, such as seeking help from a therapist or taking medication, are valid and sometimes necessary. With that said, this inspiring book focuses on using faith and religion to deal with grief.

The latest notes focus on the grieving process that many have felt during the COVID-19 pandemic and how much it has changed people’s coping mechanisms. The author believes that love is the answer to find a way through all kinds of pain. As long as one loves God and the little things in life, one can overcome anything.

Pain it contains some beautiful ideas and will make the reader highlight or underline many sentences that will accompany him on his journey. I think even a reader who is not grieving could learn from this book. The two main points are that community is essential to healing people and that ignoring one’s feelings will eventually lead to anxiety and depression.

The 12 notes on which his book revolves focus on Christian beliefs. Even if it seems that the book claims to be universal, all the conclusions of the notes refer to the Scriptures and one’s relationship with God and Jesus. Also, many of the arguments are repeated throughout the book. I felt like I could be more concise and still give the message I wanted to give.

Pain: the beacon of love by Carolyn Begley Daley is an inspiring self-help book that focuses on the reader’s relationship with God and Jesus. This relationship is the basis for overcoming grief. This is an excellent book for someone who needs to understand that they are not the only one going through this pain or looking for steps to move forward.

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