The Book Nest: Annihilation by Jeff Vandermeer

genre: science fiction Area X is an anomaly. A mystery. Something is going on here and the world needs to understand what. So periodically groups of scientists venture into Area X to learn all they can and study how the earth is changing in unexplained ways. When the biologist arrives, they are first drawn to … Read more

A Dark and Snowy Night (Cozy Mysteries)

USA Today bestselling author Sally Goldenbaum continues her beloved Seaside Knitters Society mysteries set in the “idyllic world” (Publishers Weekly) of a small Massachusetts seaside community, rich in friendship and “full of suspense and human warmth.” (The Washington Book Review) *Includes a knitting pattern* The Christmas trees are up, the Seaside Knitters are crafting warm … Read more

Downwind and out of sight

Downwind and out of sight by Douglas Richardson is an unexpectedly fascinating and compelling novel that exceeds expectations. Hugh Ullam has had a complicated life since his childhood. As an Australian-born Aboriginal boy, he faced terrible discrimination and mistreatment from an early age. However, his life would eventually follow an unforeseen journey with many ups … Read more

Never | bookzio

Author: ken follett Category: Action Adventure Regular price: $8.99 Offer price: $5.99 The deal begins: 08 December 2022 The deal ends: 08 December 2022 Description: New York Times bestsellerThe new must-read epic from master storyteller Ken Follett – more than a thriller, it’s an action-packed global drama set in the present day. “A captivating story, … Read more

Intricate patterns | write out loud

winter has definitely arrived frosty mornings and perfect clear skiesWe all know that the cold will come but when it comes it’s still a surprise Ice crystals form on all surfaces. creating intricate patterns Our breath turns into clouds of smoke similar to mythical dragons Photo credit Dr. Amir Khan

Cozy Mystery Book Covers – The Passive Voice

From the book designer: #1 – Fall in love with murder, Kathleen Suzette With the fall comes murder, even for newlyweds. Allie and Alec find themselves embroiled in a murder mystery when Allie finds the body of a local businesswoman. To prove her innocence to the police chief, she and her husband find the real … Read more

Life for those who are not so happy

no matter I don’t know you but I thought of you today a child or an adult waking up in a hospital cancer ward feeling your life fade away It doesn’t matter that I don’t know you but today I thought of you maybe weak and old shaking with fear in the animal sanctuary sedentary … Read more