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Most of the book takes place in Galveston, a city located in the Gulf of Mexico region of the state of Texas. A new story involving four main characters. Mel is a cunning and lively twelve-year-old girl. Beth, the main character and narrator of the story, is a strong, determined and resilient woman. Paul, the owner of the furniture office, is initially arrogant, but throughout the book he presents us with his reasons for creating a cold wall that protects his caring and protective heart. And Jake, a man with blue eyes and a wide smile, flirtatious and funny.

Anna J. Walner wrote the book oleander oasis Inspired by his own career. A smooth read with captivating characters that address important and necessary issues. It is important to emphasize that there are passages of situations that contain domestic violence and suicide.

The book full of surprises is a mixture of suspense and drama, but it can also bring sincere smiles from the reader. It addresses important issues related to domestic violence, such as the system’s inability to protect victims, the trauma it can inflict on those involved, and the difficulty in dealing with post-traumatic stress. In addition, of course, to the physical consequences.

I loved the book because the author presented a new perspective on love, acceptance and companionship. It’s certainly the kind of narrative that engages you, makes you root for the characters, and makes you miss the characters when you finish the book. I think the idea of ​​inspiring people has been fulfilled, and it certainly makes us believe that it is possible to achieve what we ask for by praying every night.


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