November 2022 Collage Poem: The New Face

Lifeless monarch dances with Elvis and the Tall Man

Eternal caretaker roams the dating fields, wraps his rictus

Smile around the empty gin bottle

Waiting for the announcement of a significant death

The clown shakes off his last cigarette

Haunted by the cold face of a living being

To be, in an English winter of worries

Broken men and wives

The eternal caretaker stood on the grave of the lettuce.

Liz Truss waving her government bill and cursing her disgrace to

Look like Lord Lucan

Mirror, mirror with a brave smile

Say goodbye to Liz Truss while driving

Far in the back of a taxi

Eat or heat that is the question!

Doom gloom and cheesy check chappies with pressed

Passports like prayer books waited patiently

Liz Truss got on a bus –

it’s my guess

She’s gone to the wild west

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