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No checkered suits: how not to have a normal and boring life is an intriguing self-help book that will not only give you a different perspective on certain things in life, but also make you contemplate what to change in order to experience the best that life has to offer. The author wrote a collection of engaging essays, sharing stories about her life and her associates. Author Amrita Rose shares lessons on various life topics in a friendly, conversational tone.

Reading the essays, the reader gets the impression of having met the author on a personal level. Amrita Rose is next, and you can feel the warmth in her writing throughout the book. She can connect with her readers by being open and making a substantial positive impact through the text.

No checkered suits: how not to have a normal and boring life it is not written like a typical self-help book. There is no condemnation on the part of the author, and she rarely applies a somber tone, even when she speaks of subjects of agony. Instead, Amrita Rose writes as if she is narrating a story to her friends. With valuable lessons and guidance, the author understands how to capture the reader’s attention through short stories. I liked the brevity of the essays, as they made it easier to understand and the discussion more charming. Her engaging writing style is another amazing skill that she has, as the words she uses make one fully focus on discussions. You’ll need this book to get inspired, motivated, get out of your comfort zone, and quickly reach your goals.

There are dozens of topics on which the author composes. Each topic was uniquely written and the author shared helpful tips at the end of each topic. Some of the themes that stand out to me in the book revolve around having a job vs. a career, time management, financial planning, personal organization, housework, cooking, relationships, romance, grief and accepting compliments. The author’s choice of topic was amazing, and the discussions were well balanced.

Reading this book was therapeutic and comforting. The author’s words and her sense of humor made No checkered suits: how not to have a normal and boring life an extraordinary read. There are plenty of tips for almost every situation in life. I would recommend this well-written book to readers who enjoy self-help books. The author’s words give one a feeling of confidence and validation.

Pages: 292 | ISBN: 1639885889

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