Murder and Brandy Boy | bookzio


Liz Lucas, owner of the Red Cedar Spa, hires an intern to help her prepare family meals that are served to lodge guests. Just a few days before graduation, her car crashes off a cliff and into the ocean. Was it suicide or murder?

Liz, along with her trusty dog, Winston, sets out to find the killer. Was it high school computer genius Nerdy Birdie? Brent, who was going to go to Stanford on a football scholarship? Kaitlin, the quarterback’s girlfriend? Clamhammer, the gangster from San Francisco’s Chinatown? Or Nerdy’s mother, the president of the Women’s Club whose husbands left them?

Who would have thought that Brandy Boy, the adorable but lazy Saint Bernard who is the mascot of the Red Cedar Spa, would become a nationally recognized hero?

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