Mona Lisa on AI – The Passive Voice

PG decided to run an ai art experiment.

He created four images with the identical message, “Mona Lisa in the style of Leonardo DaVinci” and this is what he got, four different images via one of the most widely used AI art generators: DALL E 2 – OpenAI

And finally, here’s a copy of the real thing:

PG posits that if Leonardo had finished his painting a couple of years ago and registered it with the US Copyright Office, he would be highly unlikely to prevail in a copyright lawsuit against the creators of any of his paintings. images or programs generated by AI. that generated them.

None of the AI ​​images would serve as a substitute for the original. No one would mistake any of the AI ​​images for the original. At best, the AI ​​images would be non-infringing satirical art. No one would buy an AI image as a substitute for the real thing. No one looking at the AI ​​images would have been fooled into thinking it was a painting created by Leonardo.

PG acknowledges that there are different types of technical tools that generate false images of people or images of people.

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