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Diane Marger Moore

mainstream nonfiction

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05 November 2022

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05 November 2022


The true story of a boy’s disappearance and his mother’s dark secret from the author of Sharkeyes.
What happened to Brandon Sims? The four-year-old boy was last seen since July 3, 1992, attending a birthday party with his twenty-year-old mother, Michelle Jones. After that night, Brandon was never seen again and his body was never found.
Jones was employed, confident, talented, intelligent, assertive, and involved in many community activities in Indianapolis, Indiana. For years he told some of his friends that Brandon was living with his father and others that he was staying with his grandmother in another state. Brandon’s father had been in jail and came looking for his son when he was released. Michelle’s shocked friends confronted her and she confessed that Brandon was dead. She repeated her story to a detective, after she herself was admitted to the local psychiatric unit. Days later, she withdrew from the unit and refused to reveal the location of Brandon’s body. She was sure that she had gotten away with it…
And he would have except the detective didn’t believe his story. With the help of a rookie prosecutor, he would soon discover that truth is stranger than fiction, where the curses of Santeria, the law and politics are just some of the obstacles to justice.

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