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The sequel to Ann B. Ross’s beloved debut that kicked off the New York Times best-selling series. Be on the lookout for the newest from Ann Ross, Miss Julia Raises the Roof, coming April 2018 from Viking.
When Miss Julia burst onto the scene in her fictional debut, Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind, this lady of a certain age found her world turned upside down when Hazel Marie Puckett appeared with her nine-year-old son, Little Lloyd, who eerily resembled her late husband. from Miss Julia. Now, in Miss Julia Takes Over, with her sharp tongue and iron spine intact, Miss Julia must face yet another interruption when Hazel Marie fails to return from a dinner date with a fundraiser who, in Miss Julia’s opinion, is also wear your shorts. tight. Desperate and unable to persuade the local police that Hazel Marie is in danger, Miss Julia hires JD Pickens to investigate, despite his reservations about his taste in beer and women. She and Little Lloyd help search for Hazel Marie, taking on adventures ranging from an indelicate display of fisticuffs to a high-speed car chase on a NASCAR road course track, all while holding their ground…because if Miss Julia doesn’t. Don’t take care of things, who will?
Fast-paced, funny, and filled with colorful characters you’ll want to meet again and again, Miss Julia Takes Over is a madcap race through the South you won’t soon forget.

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