Meet me at the margins by Melissa Ferguson

genre: contemporary romance, chick lit

Savannah spends her days as an editor at a small publisher in Nashville that focuses on high-end titles in specialized fields, and she’s good at her job. But editing isn’t her only love: Savannah got the chance of a lifetime when an editor from a major publishing house offered to read HIS manuscript of hers, Savannah’s secret romance manuscript, for possible publication. What happens to this manuscript, and who helps her edit it, is at the heart of this story of mistaken identity and intrigue in her workplace. With a hidden attic room and a controlling older sister, Meet in the Margins is about the faces behind the books we love and the power of the stories they want to share.

Okay so this is foamy but really readable. It goes super fast and it’s really neat, I’m not even sure if I would call it a romance. It’s just a story about a girl who has a big dream and has to figure out how to be brave enough to get what she wants. I guessed the ending within the first two chapters, but it was cute and fun.

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