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Anna Campanella

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09 November 2022

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November 15, 2022


Ann, a freelance writer and horsewoman, returns to North Carolina after an absence of several years. In her late thirties and ready to start a family, she is used to setting goals and sticking to them. But Ann experiences a series of miscarriages at the same time her mother shows signs of Alzheimer’s, plunging her into an emotional journey that leads to a deeper understanding of herself and what it means to love.

The voice in Ann’s memoir has been called constant and enduring, her imagery indelible. Her elegant and demanding language rises above the pain of infertility and the struggle to care for aging parents, ultimately connecting the reader to the heartbeat and resilience of the human experience.

Named “one of the best Alzheimer’s books of all time” by the Book Authority two years in a row.

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