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Talia Beckett

Science fiction

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07 November 2022

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November 13, 2022


fringe colonies. Where lives are made… Or broken.

Get the complete series to start this action-packed sci-fi thrill ride!

Life in the slums is tough, but for Dante it’s home. Captain of the Xeartais crew, he leads a ragtag group of scoundrels trying to survive. But not everyone on the local space station plays fair. When Dante decides to join several crews in an alliance, it causes a domino effect that will tip the scales for better or end in ruin.

Kit is on the run from the suffocating life others wanted her to lead. When she arrives on Ephren and meets the Xeartais crew, she wonders if she’s finally found a place where she belongs, but she brings her own problems and life in the alliance isn’t exactly safe.

Can Kit and Dante keep their fellow alliance members safe from pirates, alien threats, and all the usual dangers of a colony, or have they both gotten in too deep?

With the pirates united behind a single leader, only one thing is certain: those who can fly must. And every good mate counts.

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