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Sabrina Simon Author Interview

Violet is a collection of poetry focused on the different types of love. What were some important ideas to share in this book?

The concept that I developed in 2017 was that the title of the book had to be “Violeta”. Since violet and purple are interchangeable, the book itself would represent creativity and hold an aura of calm and encouragement, as love goes both ways. Within each title, I wanted a red or blue bar to stand out. The reasoning: red represents romance, love, passion, etc. So any poem that encapsulates those themes, red will cut through it. Blue (my favorite color) represents calm, serenity, sincerity, sadness, melancholy, also love, etc. blue bar Both combined, purple bar.

In general, blue represents me (calm stability), and red represents the love I have and hold (fierce energy). It’s fierce because I’m “too passionate.” Therefore, create violet/purple; the feelings and care that I give and hope to receive in return, and the magic that happens, that is within the poems, and speaks for itself, that is in the book, and what it is about, but not limited to.

I had the concept from the beginning, but I wouldn’t say I had specific ideas about what I wanted to share; all I knew was that I wanted to create a book that was purely love poems. The only thing I focused on was making sure the lyrics were relatable, authentic, compelling and sincere. The way I went about that task was to write down my emotions without reservation.

I appreciated the frankness with which you told your story about love. What was the hardest thing for you to write?

Looking back, the poems I sometimes have trouble reading are “PAIN.” and “PAIN II”. I wrote them in real time, so it’s structured and reads like a journal entry with the date and time implemented. They take me back to when that heartbreak happened, and since I’m a sentient being, it’s like stepping into a time machine, and the emotions I feel give the illusion that I’m back in that moment, so I’ll skip them. I read them rarely, but not that much.

It’s me? It’s possibly another one because my insecurities show. In general, when writing about unrequited love, it’s always difficult. It can be awkward because, logically, if someone doesn’t reciprocate your feelings, you move on. Still, emotionally, when there is an investment, it is easier said than done, so not knowing how it will be perceived and accepted will always be just as difficult.

What is a common misconception you think people have about love?

I love that question. This common misconception is what I had at 15, and I’m not sure when, but as I matured, I slowly realized that my perception of love was wrong. My poem “808s & Heartache” highlights this perfectly. I called love a disease, blamed it for unrequited connections, causing pain, saying it’s not beautiful, and sulking at the irony that I fall in love but love doesn’t choose me, and ended with “I hate love.” And we’ve heard that love hurts, love is dangerous, love sucks, and love is the most violent act.

All of those statements are misconceptions because love is pure and like one of my favorite biblical scriptures, 1 Corinthians 13:4-8, love is patient, love is kind. As human beings, being complex, proud, selfish, and stubborn individuals make love more difficult than it should be. Love didn’t hurt me. Love didn’t cause the heartbreak I thought I’d never get over; It was the person who didn’t know how to love me that hurt me and broke my heart. I confused the two.

In any friendship and relationship, love seems fresh and beautiful initially, but with our ability to sully things, taking advantage and taking for granted, not realizing what we have when we have it, love quickly rears its ugly head. It does not mean that there will be no anguish in love, but it is not love’s fault. So with that way of thinking, we close ourselves off from possible new and healthier love experiences. I had to condition myself to learn and apply that recently, which shows in my later poems.

What is the next book you are working on and when will it be available?

Currently, I’m not working on any books, and I’m not sure if I will. This poetry book was a full circle experience for five years, so publication was inevitable, but I never thought I would publish several. Things change so I can’t speak for sure, but I’m sure with a completed script that I have, I’ll be working on more in the future, however, when writing books, I can’t say the same.

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A collection of fifty poems encompassing the author’s innermost thoughts: hopelessly romantic, emotionally honest, and heartbreakingly beautiful.

Written during his teenage years, these personal poems are a window into his soul, an entrance into his mind, and a journey into his lonely, lovesick heart with a core of tender love.

Violeta are poems for those who are willing to wait, idealists in love and love in silence. It represents the true essence of intimacy: sensitive, emotional, authentic and true.

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