Lockwood & Co.: the Screaming Staircase by Jonathan Stroud (Audiobook)

genre: middle grade mystery

England has had “the problem” for over fifty years. That means that for half a century people have had to keep themselves safe from ghosts and spirits that come out to haunt, and kill if they can, at night. Since only the young have the ability to sense these apparitions, adults rely on them to be the first line of defense. Lockwood and Co. is one of the (admittedly small) organizations that can be hired to help resolve and alleviate a ghost. When Lucy, with her excellent preternatural hearing, is hired by Anthony Lockwood to join her team, she brings her common sense and courageous problem-solving to her case. However, one big case in particular goes horribly wrong and Lockwood and company will have to use all their cunning and ingenuity to survive not only as a company, but against the very ghosts that threaten them all.

Ok, this was a delightful and mysterious listen. It was fast-paced, delightfully terrifying, and surprised me more than once. I was expecting more sarcastic comments from the author of the Bartimaeus trilogy, but I was still really committed to this book. I liked Lucy as a main character and I enjoyed how the multiple stories grew tired together. It wasn’t mind blowing, but I was definitely done wanting more time in this ghostly world of Sherlock. Good material.

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