Lockwood and Co: The Empty Grave by Jonathan Stroud (Audiobook)

genre: mid-grade paranormal

Book 5 of the Lockwood & Co series

I really loved how this book started: a little spoiler-free foreshadowing and then straight into a crazy case. With her amazing new associate Quill Kipps by her side, Lucy, Anthony, George and Holly continue to hunt down and destroy specters and visitors. Soon, though, there are bigger games in the works. When outside (adult!) forces tip in and when Lucy makes an unexpected discovery, the stakes are raised even higher. Something big is happening, and if anyone can figure out when it is, Lockwood & Co can (with absolutely some destruction and sarcasm along the way!)

I’m so sad that this is over. What a fantastic summary for a fantastic series – there are so many interesting reveals here, twists and bigger picture reveals, it really gave me what I wanted! I guessed a little plot point, but I didn’t even screw it up because that’s what I WANTED to happen. I would literally read an entire book on Skull, I love him so much. I listened to this thirteen hour book over a 24 hour period. Granted, it was between Halloween and the day after: the PERFECT season for this spooky, spooky, perfectly scary, ghastly book. THREE VOICES for Lockwood and Co. I would hire them to solve my ghost problems ANYTIME.

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