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The description

Publication date: November 1, 2022

Before she quit drinking for good, Kim lied to herself and everyone she knew about her daily habit: sneaking morning sips of vodka behind her husband’s back, emptying wine bottles, and hiding the evidence from her family. , and convince herself that nothing was wrong. and everything was under control. She until she realized that it wasn’t, and that her dishonesty could cost her everything she loved. What would happen to her marriage if things continued like this? And how could she be the mother of her young children if she was still trapped in this cycle of abuse? Deciding that she had to make a change, Ella Kim launched into a new life of sobriety seven months into the Covid-19 pandemic. But only after cutting the chains of slavery did she realize how much work remained to be done. Opening the doors to buried memories and past traumas was just the beginning. Along her path to sobriety, Kim embraced the secrets and lies told to her by her parents and loved ones, allowing her a clarity and freedom she had never before thought possible.

The revision

At 38 years old, Kimberly Kearns seems to have the perfect life with a loving husband, three children, and a COVID pup. However, she hides a secret that is turning her life into a nightmare.

On the brink of shattered dispels the image that alcoholics are all bums sitting on street corners with brown bags hiding their prized drug. No, in this case it is about a wife and mother who uses alcohol as a means of escape while she tries to carry on as usual.

It’s a story about a woman who finally realizes that the pain caused by hungover mornings is no longer worth it. So, she takes the first step in acknowledging that she has a problem and then seeking help.

As readers follow his ongoing struggle with sobriety, Kearns uses alternate chapters to provide valuable context about his upbringing. Without the numbing effects of alcohol, he has to face his past in order to move on.

The story resonates with hard truths, but because it focuses on the author’s life, there are plenty of moments of celebration and time to laugh. By including both the ups and downs of his experience, the end result is real.

On the brink of shattered provides a compelling first-person account of being on the brink of losing everything and the difficult decision to change destructive behavior.

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About the AuthorKimberly Kearns She is the wife of an amazing husband and the mother of three beautiful children. She currently lives in Needham, Massachusetts. She continues to tell her story of getting sober and inspiring others every day on her blog at and through his Instagram account @asoberandstrongmom. Kimberly co-hosts the podcast the sober weekend and is a writer for the Webby Award-winning narrative podcast Fucking Sober: The First 90 Days. Writing has always been an outlet for Kimberly, even when she was a child. Being able to express himself with words and lose himself in her imagination has served as a source of comfort for as long as she can remember.

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