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About the book

Publication date: October 5, 2022

He seeks redemption, others want revenge

Jake Ockham had his dream job, researching nominees for the Sedgewick Medallion, the nation’s highest civilian award for heroism. Her own scarred hands are an indelible memory of the single mother she couldn’t pull out of a raging fire in her home; her face still haunts him. Duties drag him back to his hometown to edit the family newspaper, but attempts to embrace small-town life and the hot new doctor are thwarted by forces unknown. The heroes Jake investigated go missing, and he becomes the prime suspect in the disappearances. With the help of resourceful friends, Jake follows a twisted path to the Dark Web, where a shadowy group is forcing kidnapped medalists to perform deadly acts of valor to amuse their website’s twisted subscribers. To save the heroes from him, Jake must swallow his fear and become one himself…or die trying.



The revision

Newspaper editor Jake Ockham is no stranger to heroism. However, his act of bravery left him with his Olympic dreams in the trash and a sense of failure as he was only able to rescue one of the two people from the burning house.

Author Ken McQueen offers a story reminiscent of The running Man film in the sense that the heroes are being kidnapped and forced to do unspeakable things while they are being filmed. hero haters it is certainly an applicable title.

From a scene involving a vicious dogfight to an incident involving a train, there’s no doubt that the kidnappers are twisted. The surprise connection between them and Ockham adds a definite layer of intrigue. As the kidnappers try to leave clues that Ockham is the culprit, he and his friends are determined to find the truth.

The author’s writing style is fluid, making it easy for readers to transition between chapters. Character development is solid, with Ockham acting as a multidimensional character with a dry sense of humor.

hero haters takes readers on a journey where good must battle evil in a very real way. Judging by the ending, there’s potential for more stories with Ockham and his lover.

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About the AuthorBefore going to fiction, Ken McQueen spent 15 years as head of the Vancouver office for maclean’s, Canadian news magazine, winner of multiple national magazine awards and nominations. She traveled the world writing features and breaking news for the magazine, and previously for two national news agencies. Naturally, he had to play Jake Ockham, his hero, a reporter, albeit a reluctant one. MacQueen has also covered nine Olympic Games, drawing on Jake’s athletic prowess by following elite rowers in training and on podiums in Athens, Beijing and London. He and his wife split their time between Vancouver and British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast.

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