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Publication date: September 1, 2022

Daughters of Teutobod It is a story of love triumphing over hate, of persistence in the face of domination, and of a woman’s strength in the face of adversity. Gudrun is the stolen wife of Teutobod, the leader of the Teutons in Gaul in 102 BC. Her story culminates in a historic battle with the Roman army. Susanna is a German American farmer in Pennsylvania whose husband, Karl, has a strong affinity with the Nazi party in Germany. Susanna’s story revolves around raising her three daughters and one son while World War II unfolds. Finally, Gretel is Susanna’s youngest daughter, now seventy-nine years old and a professor of women’s studies, a US senator, and a Nobel laureate for her Global Women’s Initiative. She is headed to France to represent the United States on the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the South of France, at the memorial site where her older brother, who was killed in action nearby, is buried. The site is very close to the place where the Romans defeated the Teutons.

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To demonstrate the resilience of women, the author Kurt Hansen focuses on three examples in Daughters of Teutobod.

The first example takes readers to Gaul in the year 102 BC. C., where Gudrun lives as the wife of the leader of the group, Teutobod. Her attention is focused on the daily tasks and the life of the child she leads. With a battle against the Romans looming, she gives birth. When she is threatened with capture and servitude to her, Gudrun makes a decision that shows her determination not to be taken. This section was exceptionally well written and consistent with the language of the time.

The second example takes place around the time of World War II and features a German-American farmer in Pennsylvania named Susanna. With a son fighting the Germans and a husband who is very proud of her German heritage, the patriarch’s mood tends to be volatile and sometimes even physically brutal. One of those events leads to a family tragedy that changes everything. Once again, this section highlights the courage of women in the face of adversity.

The third example, set in 2019, features Susanna’s youngest daughter, Gretel. In this installment, she shares her family history, highlighting the secrets that had been kept. As a successful woman in politics, she works as an advocate for women’s rights. Her story, although shorter than the other two, ties things together with her visit to the south of France for the 75th anniversary of liberation.

All of the women represented in the book faced unique challenges, but the choices they made are sobering. The author poses a question in the preface: “How do they (women) do it?” The question draws attention to the changing roles of women and how they have evolved.

Daughters of Teutobod features three women who demonstrate strength and resilience in times of adversity. Her stories emphasize the ability to overcome even the most tragic links

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About the AuthorKurt Hansen He is from Racine, Wisconsin, and has lived in Kansas, Texas, and Iowa. He has a background in mental health and family systems, as well as parish ministry and administration. He has degrees in psychology, social work and theology. Kurt now lives in Dubuque, Iowa with his wife of 44 years, Dr. Susan Hansen, an emeritus professor of international business. Kurt is the author of Gathered (2019). Daughters of Teutobod It is his second novel.

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