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About the book

Publication date: March 1, 2022

Hidden in his jacket are gold bars; she just can’t remember why.

A young woman running away from an abusive foster home kidnaps an older biker with a mysterious past.

Leaving the mining town in Colorado and across state lines, anything can happen.

What he neither seeks nor expects is friendship.

But in the cold of a desert night, life lessons can go both ways, even if they don’t cost about a million dollars in gold.

Growing up is hard enough, even without shooting.



The revision

When a runaway teen needs a safety net, she chooses an unlikely champion in Duff Akens. What might have started as a sudden decision turns into a life-changing adventure.

In gold secretsAuthor Baer Charlton offers a multifaceted story. His gritty writing style works well with the mismatched main characters. Bean’s troubled childhood and subsequent foster experiences coincide with the challenges Duff faces with her memory loss.

From the back of a motorcycle through the desert to the worn seats of a local restaurant, readers follow the journey as the two build a solid friendship. Beneath the surface is the mystery of what happened to Duff that left him with the motorcycle keys and a jacket full of gold.

Watching Bean evolve from a scared girl to a capable young woman proves to be quite inspiring. While Duff may not be the poster child for parenthood, she steps up with integrity and honor.

gold secrets offers an insightful look inside a friendship born of despair, complete with a side of suspense.

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About the Author

Baer Charlton, is an Amazon best-selling author and social anthropologist. His multiple interests have taken him all over the world in search of the one thing.

As an internationally recognized photojournalist, he has tracked mountain gorillas, been a podium for a Barbary ape, communicated in sign language with an orangutan named Boolon, kissed a kangaroo, and had many other wild experiences in between. Or he was just being silly.

His love of sailing has led him to carry out orders from various countries, as well as from the center of the Atlantic Ocean aboard a five-masted sailboat. Baer has spoken on five continents, as well as giving lectures at sea.

Its copyrighted logo is “WR1T3R”. Inside every person, there is a story. But within that story, an even more memorable story. Those are the stories he likes to tell.

There is no story more complex and incredible than those that come from the human experience. Whether it’s about a Marine finding his way home as a civilian or a girl just trying to grow up, Mr. Charlton’s stories are driven by the characters he comes to think of as friends.

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