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The description

Alex Carter: Book 3
Publication date: November 15, 2022

Building on the acclaimed debut of Alice Henderson A loneliness of gluttons and his next thriller A Blizzard of Polar Bears the long-awaited and electrifying third installment arrives a caribou ghostin which wildlife biologist Alex Carter encounters an unsolved murder and a town in crisis while searching for this majestic, nearly-vanished animal.

When a remote camera in a large, rugged expanse at the Land Trust for Wildlife Conservation captures a blurry image of what could be a highland caribou, they contact Alex Carter to investigate. After all, the mountain caribou went extinct in the contiguous United States years ago, and if one has roamed all the way from Canada, it’s monumental.

But when Alex arrives on the scene in the Selkirk Mountains of northeast Washington state, he quickly learns that his only challenge isn’t finding an elusive caribou in a huge piece of land. The people of the nearby town are agitated; Loggers and activists clash over a strip of old-growth forest marked for logging. The murdered body of a park ranger is found hanging in the city park, and Alex learns of a hiker who went missing in the same area the year before.

As she ventures into the forest in search of the endangered animal, she quickly finds herself in a fight for her life, caught between factions fighting for the future of the forest and a killer stalking the dense forests of ancient trees.

The revision

Wildlife biologist Alex Carter is back for a new adventure. This time, he’s following a report of a mountain caribou, believed to have roamed Washington state from Canada.

Author Alice Henderson delivers the third installment of the series with a caribou ghost. Readers not only learn more about the caribou, their habitat, and the efforts to protect them, but the author incorporates a suspenseful side story.

Flashing lights in the dark, a missing hiker and a murdered ranger, along with a dispute between loggers and activists make this task much more than expected. Alex soon realizes that he might be in danger.

The descriptive language used by the author brings to the fore the plight of the caribou. It was fascinating to read about the process wildlife biologists use to track animals and learn more about them.

From a suspense standpoint, the action was intense. Not only is Alex left in the middle, but a close friend who serves as a fire watcher goes missing.

With exceptional attention to detail, the author Alice Henderson provides readers with a solid dose of suspense in a caribou links

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About the AuthorAlice Henderson love of wild places inspired his new thriller series which begins with A loneliness of gluttons, and his novel Voracious, set in Glacier National Park.

He has also written media-related novels, including official novels for television shows. Supernatural Y buffy the vampire slayer. while working on lucasarteswrote material for various Star Wars video game.

She was selected to attend Launchpad, a NASA-funded writing workshop aimed at bringing precise science into fiction.

In addition to being a writer, Henderson is a wildlife researcher, bioacoustics and geographic information systems specialist. She documents wildlife on specialized recording equipment, checks remote cameras, creates maps and conducts wildlife surveys to determine which species are present in reserves, while ensuring there are no signs of poaching. She inspects it for the presence of brown bears, wolves, wolverines, jaguars, endangered bats and more.

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