Live in tranquility – poetnilavronill

She had nothing to show
Nor even her beauty, pure
And simple, or nothing
To prove, her womanhood…

Or anything, men usually seek 
In between love and desire
Switching off the night lamp
Beyond the domain of elegance…

She was thinking about herself
Infront of her mirror, old and 
Faithful, never misguided her, 
Nor pumped her up in false hopes

She knew about her mother,
Embracing the man in love
Believing all the fairy tales
Beautiful woman loves to listen

She even knew those fairy tales
Of the prince and the princess
Of man-made love of heaven
Of the spellbound audiences

Yet she had nothing to show
Nothing to prove beyond herself
Never to feel like a princess, nor
To wait for the prince, every night…

10th November 2022

NilavroNill Shoovro

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