Literary Lifestyle: 22 Best Shoes for Writers in 2022

In my last post on literary fashion, I included a small section on the best open summer shoes to wear during the hot months. However, that mini section barely touched on many of the best writing shoes available today.

In this post, I run through the best shoes for writers, including everything from trendy sneakers to cute boots. As you read, keep in mind that although I have linked to the shoes featured in this post, the listings are meant to give you inspiration and help illustrate the wide variety of shoe styles available.

The idea of ​​this post is to provide a list of the best shoes for writers that can serve as conversation starters. You won’t find sneakers or lounge shoes on this list. Instead, you’ll find some classics, like black pumps, along with comfortable yet eye-catching walking shoes, dressy heels, and stylish flats. You’ll find shoes you can wear regularly, shoes you can wear, and shoes that can support your feet during speaking events or writing conferences.

So, let’s dive in and take a look at some of the best shoes for writers available today!

Best shoes for writers: boots

Let’s start this list of the best shoes for writers with boots, as these are the shoes you may be moving to the front of your closet in preparation for fall.

1. Sarai Light Nude ankle boots.

These boots are perfect for the upcoming fall weather, but can also be worn year-round! Available in a variety of sizes and neutral colors, these boots will match most of your wardrobe.

2. Tan Suede Touchdown Ankle Boots

If you are looking for boots that reach a little above the ankle, you will love these tan suede boots! The block heel makes them comfortable on your feet and the look just screams fall.

3. Mylee ankle boot for women from the Journee collection

This bootie offers a delicious twist on the traditional bootie without loss of style!

Walking shoes and fashion sneakers

Walking is a big part of our daily life. Why not walk in style and comfort with this selection of reliable walking shoes and stylish sneakers?

best shoes for writers

4. Cariuma Rose Canvas Sneaker

These slippers are comfortable and stylish. Wear them every day or out of town. The diverse selection of colors and sizes available ensure that you will find the perfect fit for you.

The best walking shoes for writers

5. Allbird Women’s Tree Runners

These sneakers are made of breathable fabric and are lightweight for everyday wear. Walk in comfort with these durable Allbird Tree Runners!

6. Skechers GOwalk Joy

There is no better known sneaker than Sketchers! These shoes are a bit understated, but they’re reliable, breathable, and durable. Best of all, the slip-on style lets you avoid laces.

best shoes for writers

7. Jibs Slim Jet Black + Onyx Non-Sneaker Sneaker.

These Slim Jibs are known as the shoes that are not sneakers. Made with diamond-punched leather to minimize odor and built on a sole designed for walking, you’ll love this stylish everyday shoe.

8. Best Walking Shoes for Writers: lIse Jacobsen Slip-On Sneakers.

I have a pair of these shoes and they are absolutely amazing! Since I started college, I have been wearing these shoes every day. I walk and bike around campus in my IIse Jacoben’s, and have so far found the shoes to be both stylish and comfortable.

9. Professional Traditional Danish Clog

I also have a pair of black Dansko clogs. While these shoes aren’t ideal for biking, I love walking in them. The Dansko are designed for people who are on their feet for long periods of time, so support is excellent.

Best heels for writers

Walking shoes may be taking on new styles and looks, but the good old-fashioned heel will never be replaced when it comes to dressing up for an occasion. You’ll love this selection of classic and non-traditional heels!

best shoes for writers

10. Mary Jane Ankle Strap Heels

These stylish strappy heels come in timeless black and bold red. A thicker heel makes them a bit more comfortable on the feet than typical pencil heels or stilettos, and the classic look pairs well with everything from skirts to capris.

11. Women’s Dwarf Handmade Leather High Heels*

I love these pretty leather shoes! The floral decorations are eye-catching and the overall design is so cute. For a 2% discount, use the code JAYAAVENDEL in box!

Best black shoes for writers

12 Sidney court shoes from the Journee collection

These black pumps are the epitome of classic style! If you’re looking for something traditional, look no further than these Sidney pumps.

13. Wendy-09 court shoes from the Journee collection

The Journee collection returns to star! The collection is relatively affordable and offers a wonderful range of shoe styles and colours, including this alluring nude heel.

best shoes for writers

14. Steve Madden Vala Pumps

Let’s roam the territory of the stilettos! For a completely formal look, these Vala pumps get the job done and more.

best shoes for writers

15. Pilar Leather Mule Platforms

These shoes are a bit pricey, but I love the combination of block heels, clogs, and slip-ons. These shoes are also said to be extremely comfortable and perhaps a more practical option for writing lectures.

The Best Shoes for Writers: Flats and Sandals

If you’re not in the mood for your best slip-ons, there’s nothing better than flats and sandals to get you where you need to go in simple comfort!

16. Helka Cream Flats

Fall in love with these attractive flats! The easy slip-on style and small heel make them a solid choice to wear over and over again.

17. Ballet floor

Here’s a simple and affordable ballerina that’s perfect for everyday wear.

18. Women’s Huarache Sandal

For a more unique and eye-catching shoe, try these easy-to-wear, breathable sandals!

Best Shoes for Writers: Formal and Casual Men’s Shoes

I’ve been trying not to ignore men who need shoe tips, so here’s a little section on some of the best shoes available for men today. Obviously, I don’t know as much about these types of shoes as their feminine counterparts, but I’ve rounded up some formal and casual shoes that will hopefully inspire you!

19. Vince Camuto Lamson Leather Oxford

The classic oxford is always in style, and this leather shoe is ready for a special night out!

20. Cariuma Black Suede Sneaker

Here is a fabulous shoe for men! It’s simple yet functional, and it comes in a wide range of colors and sizes.

best shoes for writers

21. Men’s Athens Tennis

If you’re willing to invest in a pair of shoes that will last you a long time, the men’s Athens shoes are breathable, reliable and built on a cushioned sole, making them perfect for wearing on the go.

22. Thursday Boots Diplomatic Boots

And just in time for fall, we have these sturdy leather boots! These boots are built to take a beating and continue to look great year after year.

Shoes come in so many great colors and styles! I loved writing this post about the best shoes for writers and looking for both the extraordinary and the ordinary. As for my favorites, I definitely like handmade leather shoes, platform mules, and ballerinas, as each shoe is a combination of comfort and style.

Do you have a favorite shoe? Which shoe on this list caught your eye? Tell me below!

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