Liberator: The Popular Guard: vol. 1

When duty calls, Tovarich Revanov answers. The jealous young man is a member of the Ruthenian secret police tasked with fishing out enemies of the communist state and suppressing any anti-government uprising. This time, Tovarich is on a peculiar mission: agreeing to become a genetically enhanced state-sponsored hero. He approaches his new mission with his trademark commitment and gives his all to protect what he believes to be a just cause. But Tovarich soon begins to wonder if he really is on the right side.

by Craig Weidhuner Liberator: The Popular Guard (Volume 1) is a fast-paced, action-packed novel that pits a totalitarian government against local rebels. It takes an interesting approach by presenting not just the regular tactics totalitarian states adopt, like media propaganda, but also unconventional tools like superheroes, quite imaginative if you ask me. Weidhuner’s writing is direct and clear and reads almost like an action-adventure comic one might read to young children at bedtime. However, this does not take away from the immersive experience that the story offers. Weidhuner definitely has compelling ideas and I reveled in them. He excels at using his work to reflect the hypocrisy that pervades global politics and focuses on two superpowers he doesn’t name but allude to (you’d easily spot them). He also does well in vividly presenting his characters. You can put a face to each key character and understand the personality of him.

Although Weidhuner got a lot of things right and I enjoy the shortness of the story, I would have loved to see more depth to the plot and more time to develop the fantastic ending. If you want a light read with a good story that you can quickly read in a few hours, you can check out Liberator: The Popular Guard: vol. 1 because it’s entertaining.

Pages: 98 | ASIN: B0BCPPDRPJ

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