Kylie Mort on the inspiration behind the big emotions

I was inspired to write Little people Big emotions while sitting quietly, meditating on my front terrace.

We live in a world where hectic movement is the norm, where we are expected to educate our little ones to join the ever-present stream of movement and energy.

Even as we ‘chill out’ we are staring at screens, mindlessly participating in the programming of a world that dictates who we are to be.

Manipulated and forced to participate at all times for fear of missing out on something. More and more often in this modern culture we are losing the ability to simply be. Be still, be present, be in the moment, be unique.

The images in this illustrated narrative came to me when I was still. Breathe in the peace and solitude of the natural environment that surrounds me and let my mind truly rest. It is when we are at rest that inspired action can come, and as the butterfly lightly alights on my daughter Mackenzie’s shoulder in this narrative, history whispered to me…

I grew up in a family where there were at most 7 children living in a world where there was never enough. Never enough time, never enough money, no warmth, connection, or sustenance. We needed to compete, we needed to prove ourselves and it was all win or lose, in a lack mentality. This made us determined and brave little fighters, traits that got me through the darkest moments. I appreciate the upbringing that built within me the fire to overcome adversity and face defeat.

However, looking at it now with the benefit of my studies in psychology, I was also embarrassed. It produced anxiety, depression, feelings of unworthiness, self-doubt, suicidal tendencies, and isolation. I believe that children should not have to face these big emotions alone. Children do not have the ability to externalize these pressures, they blame themselves, internalize weaknesses and pain and incorporate this characteristic as part of their profile. This is me; This is what I believe to be me.

This is heartbreaking.

Little people Big emotions
is a multi-award-winning illustrated storytelling for children that focuses on the development of healthy, resilient, and emotionally intelligent little people. The first prize obtained was for Emotional Intelligence, the ability to understand and respond to one’s own emotions and the emotions of those around them. The ability to identify not just what the emotion is, but the knowledge that we don’t have to be controlled by our emotions, that they are simply a signal to learn. What does your emotion tell you? How should you best respond? Who can support you with this if you feel too big to handle alone?

It is said that every emotion is determined by two places, FEAR or LOVE. By giving children the ability to truly understand their emotions, we empower them to control their own journeys. I went on a writer’s retreat with Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat Pray Love, and something that continues to resonate with me to this day is when he said, we only have room in our heart, mind, and soul for only 5 priorities. 5 priorities on which we must focus and strive every day. Can you imagine the breadth that can be found in clearing our day to day? By asking ourselves at every step, is this serving me? Is this really aligned with my priorities?

As a holistic coach, I work with clients to manage anxiety and emotional overwhelm. I help people explore the filters that create their unique perspective on life and focus on finding their purpose and passion. We all have within us the answers we seek, sometimes we just need a little guidance to find them. Our little person deserves that guidance more than anyone. They deserve the time, clarity, and connection to explore what they are feeling, and they deserve to know that they are important, special, safe, and loved, regardless of the outside pressures placed on them.

This book, Little people Big emotions, is an educational resource developed through the knowledge and experience of my lifelong career in Education, Psychology and Yoga Therapy, using all my tools and resources to build a guide for the little ones and the network of adults around them. Additionally, I’ve created a FREE 9-page Study Guide to further support the critical discussions that can blossom from the platform this narrative can create when tangibly shared with little people. Pointing out to those who matter most, that regardless of what is going on in the world, you have a safe place, right here with this adult, who has all the time in the world to devote to their connection and protection of you.

Kylie Mort is many things, but deep down she’s a wordsmith. An international Amazon #1 bestselling author with multiple award-winning publications, she is also an app developer. Due to her educational background as a qualified and registered high school teacher, Kylie’s main day-to-day activity is tutoring and training as an online tutor.

He likes to connect with the world from his farm in northeast Victoria, Australia.

Get in touch with Kylie through her website, Facebook or Instagram.

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