Kristin Hannah’s Angel Falls

genre: fiction

When a tragedy leaves Dr. Liam Campbell’s wife, Michaela (Mike), in a coma in her hometown hospital, it’s all she can do to keep her life with their two children together. In the small town of Angel Falls, there are no secrets that won’t spread like wildfire and Mike’s accident is no different. While Liam has the support of his close community, it soon becomes clear that Mike’s past demands reckoning, whether Liam is ready to deal with it or not.

This is like one of the best Hallmark movies. It moves fast, it’s interesting enough, the small-town feel is about to be completely unbelievable. I read it quickly and became concerned about these characters and what happened to them. Mike’s story wasn’t what I expected, but I believed the consequences of the revelation and it was fine if he came along for the ride with me. He bordered on pedantry at times, but then again, he entertained me, so I’ll give him three stars and call him a day.

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