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Andy Peloquin


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November 10, 2022

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November 10, 2022


Everyone in Voramis knows the legend of the Relentless Hunter. Immortal. Walking death. The greatest killer that ever lived.

Pay the master assassin his fair share and the Hunter will execute any target, carry out any contract, no matter how impossible. But when the Bloody Hand crime syndicate harms the innocent under his protection, they foolishly make enemies of the only man they can. The price of the Hunter’s revenge is high: it is paid in blood and eternal damnation. Not even an army of thieves, assassins, and nightmarish demonic creatures can stand in his way.

He is much more than just one man… he is the cursed Hunter of Voramis.

“Darkblade Assassin is a thrilling masterful journey that delves into the wrenching heart and soul of an assassin.”

M. L. Spencer, author of

mage dragon

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