Karl’s Diary: It’s a Dog’s Life

Any animal lover will tell you without hesitation: pets are part of the family. They bring love, joy, entertainment, and sometimes even life-saving companionship into people’s lives every day. And if they can do that for us, imagine what we do for them, especially rescuing animals. To go from uncertainty on the streets or in a shelter, to a loving and safe home with regular food and warmth, rescuers must certainly appreciate us, even if they can’t exactly put it into words. But what if they could? What if our fur babies could keep a record of their thoughts for us to read?

In Karl’s Diary: It’s a Dog’s Life author Sharon Winters imagines just one scenario, detailing the life of Karl, an adopted boykin spaniel, as he navigates life in his new home. His life is not exotic, but it is filled with everything a dog could want, most importantly, an abundant amount of love and an abundant amount of food. Anyone who has owned a dog won’t be surprised by Karl’s focus on food as he details his days, recalling his own meals and those of his humans. It’s clearly a big part of his happiness! However, Karl knows without a doubt that the love he provides on a daily basis is the most important part of his life and is constantly appreciated throughout the book. Winters gives Karl her own voice and personality that is easy to recognize in the pets of our own lives. One of the most masterful tools she uses to really bring him to life is simplicity. We know a dog’s needs are simple – it stands to reason that his thoughts, if we could hear them, would be too – and Winters never tries to make Karl or his life more complicated than necessary. She brings a level of authenticity to the story that adds to his enjoyment.

Sometimes it’s so easy to forget the impact we have on the animals in our lives, but Karl’s journal tells his story in a way that helps drive the point home without resorting to saccharin-soaked excess sentimentality. Karl is every pet that has ever held a place in our hearts, reminding us how easy it can be to change an animal’s life when given the chance. “To the world you are a person, but to one person you are the world” is a quote that aptly sums up this story.

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