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lucy lenox

new adult romance

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09 November 2022

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09 November 2022


As the first openly gay professional soccer player, I cannot afford to make any mistakes, on or off the field. And the biggest mistake I could make right now would be falling for Mikey Vining, my best friend, employee, and most importantly, the coach’s baby. I could fantasize about Mikey at night, every night, but actually touching him would be a serious personal fault.
And fall in love with him? That is completely off limits.
I learned my lesson about falling in love with one of my dad’s players. They’re a bunch of spoiled jocks with more brawn than brains. I’ve spent years learning to keep my eyes and hands to myself. But resisting the temptation becomes almost impossible when Tiller Raine and I end up together in a small cabin in a remote Colorado town.
Suddenly, there’s not much to do but look at each other. And speak. And hopefully, hopefully touch.
But what happens when our time in Aster Valley is over and it’s time to head back to the real world? Will Coach blow the whistle on our relationship? Or will Tiller admit that there might be something he likes more than football after all?

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