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juicy lucy

Gary Lucy, Juicy Lucy

The sexiest guy in Hollyoaks

Cheeky cfhappy, cfhappy ways

Nice eye appeal for 90s gays

Straight guy Gary, gay heartthrob

Got off her kit, got off her nob

On the cover, almost naked

For the nineties gay magazine Attitude

Remember when for us gay men

Now over thirty, hard to come by

Dirtiest Photos, Before the Internet

Homeless boys, queers and brand benders

While Gary Lucy in Eastenders

Playing gay but being straight gay

Hard not to see not lost in the fact

She slept with boys on TV, what is it about?

Juicy Lucy – you’ve sold yourself

Gary Lucy, make a killing

Acting Camp as a Panto Villain

Don’t rub our noses in direct camp

Stick to rubbing only Aladdin’s lamp

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