India Holton’s League of Gentile Witches

genre: historical fantasy romance 🙂

Charlotte’s knowledge of spells and magic would make her an excellent witch, if, of course, witches existed. That they don’t. Because if they did, Charlotte would be in all kinds of danger. Therefore, it is best to pretend that Charlotte and her non-witch companions in her local coven hidden in plain sight are kept as far from the public eye as possible. Except when a famous amulet is found and put on display, not only do Charlotte and her coven take an interest in this powerful item, but those noisy, boisterous pirate ladies think they have some sort of claim on it, too. Charlotte knows that stealing the amulet would be her last chance to prove herself to her elders, but she will definitely have to fight for it, especially when that particular pirate thinks HE has a right to it too.

I absolutely chose this because I absolutely adored the first one and honestly this one did NOT disappoint. The same wacky humor, the same fantastically capable and strong female characters, a great romantic interest who is a familiar character from the previous book. These books are like a giant hug and goofy, comfort reading at its finest. I laughed out loud, passed out, all the things. I will note, again, that they are not for everyone. Much of this book is jokes and if that’s not your thing, you’ll be bored. It’s a bit awkward – another virginal victorian woman with some instalove, but it’s also sweet and romantic and perfect for ME 🙂

cw: maybe one and a half steamy scenes and some innuendo. Maybe some swearing?

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