i’m in hell | write out loud

I’m in hell

with the SMELL

of these disgusting people

These motherfuckin’ prosecco drinkin’ SHEEPLE

With money (and a planet) to burn

I will become


From ANYONE involved

Cause I’m fucking mad

In your little nonsense talk

Your squawking gibberish

YOU can have all the plastic *you* want

But I’m still on a fucking FIRE


In this plastic boat

really get my goat

Showing off your plastic cards

So that you can’ look at the stars’

‘Right from the middle of the ocean’

And that? your tab-

Is recycling back home?

Being sent away and to the TWILIGHT ZONE

A full range of Himalayan mountains on the beaches.

With hordes of Indian magpie seekers

The poor

Who just want to score

Some cash from our trash.

If I die send me there.

Don’t send me to that dystopian carnival fair

On a ship where I’m emotionally naked

Naked metaphorically, desperately trying to hide

I will absolutely throw myself overboard!

I’m going to!!

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