I am not Raymond Wallace

sam kennyon

literary fiction

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04 November 2022

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04 November 2022


Manhattan, 1963: Weeks before President Kennedy’s assassination, the revamped Raymond Wallace lands in the New York Times newsroom on a three-month scholarship to Cambridge University. He soon discovers that his slippery boss, Bukowski, is being covertly blackmailed by an estranged wife, and that he himself must help the righteous Doty on an article about the “explosion of open homosexuality” in the city. On an undercover mission, a secret world is revealed to Raymond: a world in which he no longer needs to pretend to be something or someone he cannot be; a world in which he meets Joey.
Like so many men of his time and class, Raymond is faced with a choice between conformity, courage, and compartmentalization. The decision he makes will reverberate destructively through lifetimes and decades until, in another time, in another city; in Paris, 2003—Raymond’s son Joe finally meets Joey. And he begins the healing.
I Am Not Raymond Wallace is a multi-stranded story of queer redemption spanning multiple generations, told with precisely crafted prose, sharply imagined settings, and compassionately observed characterization.
“A sensual and moving story of masks and identities, across two continents and four decades…a surprisingly confident debut novel.” SAMUEL WEST
Taking as his starting point a real-life moment from 1960s New York queer history, Sam Kenyon weaves a wonderfully elegant and often unexpected story. NEIL BARTLETT
“A joyous literary triumph that moved me to tears.” JACK FRITSCHER
A triumph. A primer for all ages. MURRAY MELVIN

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