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BLOW is the unlikely story of George Jung’s rollercoaster ride from middle-class high school football hero to the heart of Pablo Escobar’s Medellin cartel, the largest importer of America’s supply of cocaine into the world. 1980s. Jung’s initial business of airmailing marijuana to the United States from the mountains of Mexico took a dramatic turn when he met Carlos Lehder, a young Colombian car thief with connections to the then fledgling cocaine operation in his homeland. Together they created a new model for selling cocaine, turning a drug used primarily by the entertainment elite into a massive and unimaginably lucrative enterprise, one whose profits, if legal, would have ranked the cocaine business as the sixth largest private company in the world. Fortune. 500.
The trip was stopped in its tracks when DEA agents and Florida police arrested Jung with three hundred kilos of coke, undoing his fortune. But George wasn’t about to go down alone. He planned to bring with him one of the biggest cartel figures ever caught.
Featuring a riveting inside tale of the grisly world of international drug smuggling and a supercharged drama of one man’s meteoric rise and desperate fall, Bruce Porter chronicles Jung’s life using unprecedented eyewitness sources in this critically acclaimed true crime classic. the criticism.

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