Heath’s cousins ​​and the silver statue

Wanderer and traveler to the magical land of Ambra, Addie B. faces an insurmountable challenge when spring break begins. Visiting London with her parents, Addie receives a disconcerting letter from her cousin Jack, who has shared many adventures in the land of Ambra with her. Jack shares the unsettling news that he is beginning to forget Ambra’s quests, urging Addie to write the stories of the wizarding world before she loses all memory of them forever. Feeling the sting of fear and missing her cousin terribly, Addie B. once again finds herself returning to Ambra’s world. Meeting a host of new characters and joining up with beloved friends from previous adventures, Addie must fight like never before to outwit the forces of darkness and guide her companions back home.

I loved the enchantment of the world and felt a connection to Addie B. and her many friends. Each character was distinctive, from the conflicted Peter to the stalwart Max and my personal favorite, the lovable, diminutive Lulu. There were plenty of succinct summaries, which helped a new reader not get lost in the story. The only exception was the lack of description of the antagonist Daiyu, who I mistakenly thought was a sorcerer for about a third of the book instead of an elderly sorcerer.it’s.

A concise adventure that contains as much action as a full novel, Addie B.’s journey through Ambra is filled with inner turmoil. Acceptance, forgiveness, courage and moving forward are the main axes of the story, since the new characters introduced seem to be setting the stage for a new phase of adventures. I loved the world, the characterization and the good story about the special bond of the cousins. However, the conclusion of this story had many notes of pain. After all is said and done, the final pages end like a symphony on a half note, leaving the reader with hope for future adventures in Ambra and a sense of utter finality.

Heath’s cousins ​​and the silver statue by Eileen Hobbs is a perfectly sized, fast-paced adventure in a wonderful parallel world. This children’s fantasy is full of magic and adventure that will captivate young readers and keep them engaged from start to finish.

Pages: 180 | ASIN: B0B1W2HXTL

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