Gifts that are literary and charming

The beautiful snippets in this post are gift ideas for colleagues, friends, family and teachers – a combination of all the things I love and think you will love too.

These are not sponsored ideas, although some links are affiliate links (which cost the buyer nothing) and support the costs of running this website.

Many of the linked companies are small businesses and I try to make sure all my gift suggestions are ethical.

Book Geek Pride and Prejudice necklace with Ruby Olive earrings.

Book Geek snippets

book geek have extravagant, literary, and generally excellent gifts. This year they’ve added a huge amount of divine literary goodness to their range – candles are my favourite, although I like the leather Yoshi keyrings, Chapter One earrings and enamel pins better! Her service is super fast and reliable, and a #ladystartup. Use the code CBD 10% discount on all purchases.

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