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Friends, lovers, enemies is a fascinating collection of short stories that explores many situations that we as readers have experienced, from two friends fighting over a man, to a married couple where the husband suspects that his wife is cheating on him with his friend. Friendship, love, betrayal and loneliness are just some of the themes that are represented in these stories.

The author Vera Zegarac has written a collection of eloquent and striking short stories. I can see each one becoming a full story because of the vivid detail and surprising depth that begs to be explored. It is said that a good writer knows how to end a chapter. I think the author Vera Zegarac knows how to start a chapter, or in this case, a story. She immediately captivated me at the beginning of each story. The characters were compelling; as deep and seductive reflections of the people you meet in your life.

Each story is only a couple of pages long, but the author doesn’t hide her story behind purple prose. Each story uses clear, concise language so that readers easily grasp the nuances of the story. We are not given many details about each character, but from her actions we know her story.

The author’s writing is unpredictable and impactful in a satisfying way. lose zoe it’s a story about infidelity and insecurity, which leads you to think it’s a predictable read, but the surprising twist at the end is shocking but enjoyable. Max’s character is jealous, insecure and desperate and I loved how expressive and passionate he is. I feel like readers will be able to relate to his actions one way or another. I enjoyed how the author described and showed how each character felt. This helped me immerse myself in the lives of these characters. why are we here is the story of two friends who meet for lunch to rekindle their friendship, but then we learn that Amanda wants to make Linda jealous for stealing her husband. There’s a fantastic scene where Amanda takes the lipstick out of her bag and starts applying it and smiles at her reflection. I loved this scene because I felt it perfectly portrayed her passive-aggressive behavior towards Linda. This is a great example of how the author shows you who are these people. Once I finished reading the stories, I found myself contemplating what I had just read and wondering what could have happened after the ending, and in some cases creating my own endings for some of the stories that I felt needed one.

Friends, lovers, enemies is a fascinating collection of short stories that showcases the authors’ talent for writing. If you are looking for stories with a unique voice and something to say about life, I highly recommend this collection.

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