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Will Horner, a sixteen-year-old boy who loves movies, is starting a new year at a new school. His parents are eager for him to settle down and make friends at Pinehurst Academy, an art school. The affectionate coreless take him under their wing, and Will is happier at Pinehurst than he has been in a long time. Working on a New Year’s Eve movie with his friends, he feels more like himself when he can shoot with his camera. However, she hides parts of his life from his sympathetic friends and takes on the responsibility of working alone on his sanity.

freeze frame by Tyler Beauchamp is a story of teens struggling with trauma, mental health, and the stigma of it all. Beauchamp has perfectly captured the overwhelming feeling that comes with the social life of adolescence and how situations can be magnified in our minds, as it happens in Will when he fears that his past at Redboro School will come to light. It is also a story of joyful moments, friendships, beliefs, and creative passion, and of navigating these along with parental love and concern that manifests as anger.

Beauchamp deftly weaves together relevant arguments about creativity, social media, mental health, and reality in a world filled with media and camera lenses. Will loves making movies and loves the power they have to make people feel, but he also believes in experiencing the moment. Will is in therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder and is making progress with his dissociations between reality and movie scenes.

freeze frame by Tyler Beauchamp is a fictional coming-of-age novel that also explores the psychological mindset of teenage life. It’s great for talking to teens about the issues they’re facing and how to understand their perspectives. I especially liked the list of mental health resources given at the end of the book. Having understanding people and a good support system alongside therapy can really go a long way in helping mental health, and this book shows that in a very relatable way.

Pages: 258 | ASIN: B0BG6DC9D9

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