Do you need a house? Call Mrs. Mouse!

Do you need a house? Call Mrs. Mouse! That’s both the name of this fabulous STEM-themed picture book and the message of its animal characters.

Mrs. Mouse is Henrietta, a talented architect whose imagination and creativity are put to excellent use. This book is like a portfolio of Henrietta’s work.

There are many animals who want the home of their dreams, so Henrietta listens carefully to their instructions, and then designs a house to suit them.

From Lizard’s wish for a beach house to lounge in the sun, to Owl’s tower with an observatory for stargazing. Caterpillar has a cozy home packed with features that allow it to store lots of food. There are also homes for Squirrel, Spider, Trout and others.

Whether simple or grand, Henrietta will find a solution and could inspire future architects and designers to do the same.

George Mendoza’s text helps readers understand a little about design and construction, and learn about the needs and environments of animals.

Doris Susan Smith’s illustrations are a brilliant visualization of Henrietta’s designs. They are in pen, ink, and watercolor, and take a cross-sectional approach to depicting the various houses. She allows you to explore the nooks and crannies of home design.

Do you need a house? Call Mrs. Mouse! is a reprint of the original, first published in 1981, and a favorite childhood memory for those who read it in the ’80s. I hadn’t heard of the book before, which is surprising given my particular interests, but it drew me to it. immediately and I am happy that I was able to enjoy it.

It’s great to know that Allen & Unwin set out to find the copyright holder so this book could finally be republished, much to the excitement of those who have waited a long time and to all of today’s new readers.

Detail and creativity abound in Do you need a house? Call Mrs. Mouse! I recommend that you find a copy and share it with your family, and save it for future readers to enjoy as well.

Title: Do you need a house? Call Mrs. Mouse!
Author: jorge mendoza
Illustrator: doris susan smith
Editor: Allen and Unwin, $24.99
Publication date: November 1, 2022
Format: Hard-cover
ISBN: 9781761066016
By ages: 3 – 7
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