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The door is open, but you swear you closed it. Something, a small thing, moves into your house and you know it wasn’t you or anyone you know. You feel a chill throughout your body that alerts your brain: danger!

Author Miguel Ángel Hernández Jr. knows how to recreate this feeling for the reader and delivers a hair-raising suspense thriller. Hernandez Jr. takes his audience for a ride as the main character, the gruff and brave Griffin Knight, tries to find the killer of New York City District Attorney Natalie Costa. The evidence and another similar murder point to the resurgence of a serial killer returning after 10 years. Known as “The Judge,” he passes death sentences on people he believes did nothing when justice should be done. Griffin enlists the help of the previous detective on the cold case and a mysterious benevolent hacker. He points to a negligence lawsuit in which a major corporation bribed witnesses to lure a man into the company’s illegal practices.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel as the plot moved quickly and the character-switching chapters kept me hooked as I discovered who he was and how he fit into the story. However, I would have liked Griffin Knight to have had more character development. As a reader, I want to fall in love with the main character, and with very little background information on Griffin, we only see him as he is now. The detectives in stories like these are either the new experts or the seasoned and jaded. I’m not sure where Griffin falls on this spectrum, but as a reader, I wish I had the chance to get to know him and care more about him when he’s fighting for his life. Overall the story was entertaining, fun to read and he still has me looking over my shoulder in a dark room.

Do nothing is a thrilling, hard-hitting mystery that will keep readers in suspense from the opening pages to the thrilling conclusion. This short police procedural novel is perfect for a weekend read when you want to get your blood pumping.

Pages 76: | ASIN: B0BDJ8LZY8

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