Diversity at MG Lit #40 October 2022


Various news, October 2022

This month brings a mix of fiction and non-fiction for MG readers. I am looking forward to getting these books into the hands of patrons at Annie Blooms Books, where I am a part-time bookseller.

But I’m also a full-time writer and I have a big deadline in November, so I’m going to skip the November reviews and write a short report on the changes in the way Barnes and Noble acquires MG fiction and an analysis detailed breakdown of titles on the shelf at my local Barnes & Noble store. I know it has been on people’s minds and I always find that data collection helps me decide where to spend my energies on promoting diverse children’s literature.

Here are the new releases for October.

graphic novels

free style by Gale Galligan is a sweet and fun look at the ups and downs of high school. I appreciated the performances of a hip hop dance team. In addition to the racial, ethnic, and gender diversity, it’s nice to see dance other than ballet presented in a graphic novel. (School)

There are several good books on Japanese internment for MG readers. what intrigues me my nest of silence by Matt Faulkner is the mixture of prose and graphic novel elements. I’ll be very curious to see how he does at the bookstore. Create a puzzle about whether to leave it in the fiction or graphic novel section. Librarians, I’d love to hear in the comments how you’re handling it. (Athenaeum)


I love it when an author, who has already made a name for herself writing about her own diverse experience, chooses a story that cuts across issues of race and ethnicity. The story of a rover by Jasmine Warga is an absolute charmer narrated by a fictional rover named Resilliance. He follows the point of view of the machine as it reflects not only his mission on Mars, but also the meaning of friendship. A sweet story that will delight even non-space geeks. (Balzer and Bray)cover of the book The Story of a Rover

the lords of the night by JC Cervantes is a companion title to his popular Storm Runner series, set around the wolf of Aztec mythology. (Disney Hyperion)

Shad Hadid book coverShad Hadid and the alchemists of Alexandria by George Jreije is a twist on the story of the boy goes to wizard school, this time he is an Arab protagonist and the magic is alchemy. (harpist)


The legacy of an integrated military is the result of the courage and excellence of many black men and women in service. Dr. James B. Williams is one of the greats, his lifelong leadership in medicine and civil rights is an inspiration. Illegal Orders: A Portrait of Dr. James B Williams, Tuskegee Airman, Surgeon, and Activist by Barbara Binns is lavishly illustrated with photographs and contains a detailed bibliography. (School Approach)Illegal Orders Book Cover

Toxic masculinity is a problem that transcends race and ethnicity, and yet it is most damaging to marginalized boys. Boys will be Human: A control guide to becoming the strongest, kindest and bravest person you can be. by Justin Baldoni is an in-depth look at what it means to be a man and how to navigate the world in a way that affirms the lives of boys. I recommend it for children over 10 years old. It’s a great family resource for starting important conversations. (harpers)

Better Than We Found It: Talks To Help Save The World By FrederickJoseph and Porsche Joseph is overwhelming in its extensive content. But taken one section at a time, it’s an excellent introduction to the issues for young activists. It covers topics ranging from misinformation and climate change to theft of indigenous land and the prison industrial complex; 16 themes in all. Another excellent conversation starter for children from about 10 years old to their teens. (Candlewick)

roseanne parry

Rosanne Parry is the author of 7 MG novels, including the bestsellers A Wolf Called Wander and A Whale of the Wild. Ella’s first illustrated book Big Truck Day will be out in September 2022. Ella sells books at Annie Blooms Bookstore in Multnomah Village and writes books at Ella’s tree house in Portland, Oregon.

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