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Victoria Winifred Author Interview

“The Princess, the Knight and the Lost God” follows a twelve-year-old goddess from Chess Mountain who comes to Earth when her kingdom is in danger. What was the inspiration for setting up her story?

In 2016, as a public school teacher deeply invested in the idea of ​​using chess as a class theme for all subjects, I was anticipating a poem to possibly share with my students. was titled “Caiza,” written by William Jones in 1764. The verses from that little-known work cover the romance of the goddess of chess with the god of war, Mars. I had never heard of this mythological detail before, not even in my chess circles, and was crying out for it to be exposed.

When I searched for chess fiction books to see what was already out there, there were almost none. Yes, there have been famous scenes in some fictional chess books, such as in Harry Potter Y Alice in Wonderland, but there were no children’s books at that time with chess as the total theme. So, I wondered, couldn’t Mars and Caissa have married and now have a daughter the age of my students? She knew she wanted Kassie to come to Earth and meet the mortal children, but she would never have wanted or even been allowed to leave Chess Mountain unless she absolutely had to. Soon after, the outline of the story came to mind, but it took me years to complete.

Kassie faces difficult challenges in this novel from which she must learn and grow. What were some ideals that drove your character development?

Especially these days, we are all reminded that it is important to find out the truths for yourself and not accept second or third hand points of view. This is true “across the board,” if you’ll excuse the pun. It was one of the reasons why Kassie needed to visit our planet. She needed to learn what humans were really like, and not trust the rumors of his studies in the isolated kingdom far away from him. It’s hard to grow when you stay locked in a protected comfort zone. In addition, the students of the story came from different backgrounds and faced their own personal challenges. Kassie’s growing support for them turned things around, showing the princess a new side of her own worth.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

There are several strong themes in the story: Experiences can change your perspective. Friendships can take different forms. And by using the morality of chess, we can choose paths to success, and even redemption. Also, it was important to have concrete examples of how chess can deliver academic results and provide metaphors for many circumstances. There were also nods to certain philosophical theories, if you look closely.

What is the next book you are working on and when will it be available?

Lately, I’ve been figuratively traveling around the world with Kassie, and together we’ve found some moving and dramatic scenarios that would certainly benefit from her presence. And I’m sure you can guess that the Fallen Originals aren’t done pulling mischief for the loyalists.

But I’ve also traveled back in time and caught a glimpse of Mars and Caïssa’s first meetings, their courtship, and the scenario that followed. Intriguing scenes from Kassie’s childhood with Dimitri have also surfaced. Furthermore, the relations between the Originals before the rebellion were extremely different from today, as we are implied in my novel. Even I am surprised by some of the details. So with all that being said, let’s see what comes to fruition in 2023!

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Princess Kassie, the 12-year-old daughter of the chess goddess Caïssa and her husband Mars, the god of war, eagerly awaits a day-long birthday celebration in the joyous kingdom of Chess Mountain, where pieces are born and raised. of chess alive , and they thrive in a bustling community, but the festivities are abruptly called off when Kassie’s parents are blamed for the disappearance of another young god last seen on Chess Mountain. War is declared in the kingdom and Kassie must be taken to safety.

With Maurice, a trusted knight masquerading as her guardian uncle, Princess Kassie is taken to the dreaded Earth and has a mission to complete. Living undercover as a mortal student at a New York school, she finds solace in a chess-loving classroom with a quirky teacher. As Kassie gets to know the human girls and boys, she is shocked to discover that the Earthlings are different than she was taught and more like her than she ever imagined. She witnesses how her classmates “puzzle” her own difficult circumstances involving family and personal challenges of hers, some like her own.

Because of the nearby kingdom enemies, she can’t reveal who she is or her strength in chess. But when a chess bully bullies her classmates, Kassie fights to empower them for a tournament, while she fights to stay in disguise for her own safety and Chess Mountain’s. Trouble breaks out and Kassie finds herself in a dangerous situation.
Will Kassie make the right “moves” to solve the problem? Will she be able to save herself, others and the entire kingdom of Chess Mountain in her home, or will she “waste” her chances under the “pressure of time”?

With its chess theme, a touch of Christmas spirit, and a hint of martial arts, this book will draw boys and girls to its dramatic conclusion, which will affect the future of children and chess forever.

Released to critical acclaim in the chess world and beyond, this 220-page book is the first mythological chess fantasy ever written, and was created for the chess-playing kids (of all ages) in your life, or those who they love mythology and/or fantasy.
Throughout this book, the principles of chess are not only connected to the academics taught in the classroom, but also influence the critical thinking used to solve life’s puzzles.

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