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Detachment: The state of being objective or distant.

Just a simple word with a simple meaning but with a lot of importance in the life of a normal human being. We may never realize it, but knowing when to let go of a feeling, person, or habit is a virtue. It may sound a bit awkward to people when you tell them to let go of something that used to be of great importance in their life, but is now just a burden or has been a habit, even if it’s not for a good reason.

Why do we need to learn to let go of the things we are attached to? Attachment is not something we can control most of the time. We usually become attached to the person with the least expectations, but that cannot be completely controlled. It’s just something that happens on its own, and then we just enjoy that feeling. For the most part, many people have their first experience during a young age when puberty hits. And that’s even natural for you to feel attached to someone, even if they don’t feel the same way about you.

As attachment is not something that is bidirectional. And that’s why detachment is something that helps people. But it is not as easy as we say. Letting go of something is something completely new that can affect your way of thinking and bring about changes in your habits and the way you present yourself.

It takes a lot of courage and sheer will to learn to control your phenomenon of attachment and detachment. Some may lose hope in the midst of their struggle and let it go. But as you struggle, you will realize that not everything is as beautiful as you think. That attachment of yours towards that thing made it look beautiful to you, since during that time you just neglect those other things or feelings that can make it look bad to you. And that’s where attachment deceives you and that’s exactly how detachment changes your mindset. It simply allows you to see everything with the perspective of equal value.

Detachment can turn you into someone who people often call an emotionless man, but that is exactly the opposite. Detachment allows you to know the exact facts about how to use your emotional intelligence in every situation. From my personal experience I have seen many things that I knew would never be mine, but I grew fond of them and in the end, it was just me and me. That’s when I realized that I somehow have that kind of intuition about it, which helped me predict all those events in a way.

During my experience I was complimented with words like “In the middle of my chaos, there was you”, but all I got in return was the chaotic life and a lesson to learn why it is important to learn detachment and how to integrate it. your intuition so that you can save yourself from a chaotic situation.

That was the moment I knew that getting attached to something is a virtue, but knowing how to detach from it is still a blessing, which I suggest everyone should have.


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